Speaker Feature: Fallon Kum Seun, B.Sc., RDH

Current Course Topics with Alive Learning:

1. The Importance of the Dental Auxiliary in Early Orthodontic Treatment & Airways (Sat., Oct 14th, 2017 :: 9am-12pm)

keywords: interprofessional collaboration, referrals, growing your shared care circle, orthodontics, paediatrics, airways, dental hygiene practice, RDH

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Fallon is a dental hygienist who graduated in 2006 from Fanshawe College and also has a Bachelor Degree in Science. She has been lecturing throughout Canada and the United States for the past 9 years and has a great deal of clinical experience in the field of orthodontics. Her passion is functional orthodontics and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

#RDH #interprofessionalcollaboration #intraprofessionalcollaboration #referrals #growingyoursharedcarecircle #registeredden #airways #orthodontics #pediatrics

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