CDHO's Milestone Magazine article talks about the importance of Interprofessional Collaboration,

This article from the 2016 Milestones magazine, Issue 3, Page 20-22, highlights the importance of INTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION.

Is this something that came up for you in the Smile Portal's self-assessment tool? Was this identified as a learning goal for you? If it's something you're interested in/you're in need of another goal for 2017, then come check out our courses, June 10th, AM & PM can both be used towards an interprofessional collaboration goal, but not limited to.

You can find further information, course content & suggested learning goals @ Also, you're in luck since we have our 'Buy 1 Get 1' deal on right now (applies for in-person or live-online, also get the live recording for 3 days of viewing afterwards therefore if you can't make it on the day, no problem, just view it after).

Find the promo codes for these amazing deals on our FB page (Alive Learning) and website blog page ( Call/text (Leanne @226.927.5055) or email ( to answer any questions etc. Happy learning!…/cdho-news…/2016/10/31/milestones-2016-issue-3. (Pg 20-22)

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