Speaker Feature : Dr. Corrine Seeley PhD. Sleep Neuroscience

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1. Sleep & Oral Health : Identifying and Understanding the Oral & Overall Health Implications of Altered Sleep (Sat., Oct 14th, 2017 :: 1pm-4pm)

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Speaker: Dr. Corrine Seeley (Ph.D. Sleep Neuroscience)

Sleep Educator and founder of Baby Sleep Solutions.

Dr. Seeley has over 10 years of experience researching, teaching and working as a clinical sleep practitioner. Her clinical training began at the Limestone City Sleep Clinic, a centre for diagnosing and treating common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia and narcolepsy. Prior to opening her sleep consulting business Baby Sleep Solutions by Dr. Seeley, Corrine obtained her Ph.D. in Sleep Neuroscience from Queen’s University, specializing in the role of sleep and brain development and working as a course instructor for the university level Sleep course. Since the completion of her doctorate training, she has devoted her career to making sleep education more mainstream amongst new parents, working professionals, and health care professionals.

Research Experience:

Cognitive effects of sleep deprivation (Brock Sleep Lab)

Neural mechanisms in chronic insomnia (Brock Sleep Lab)

Sleep in those with an acquired brain injury (Brock Sleep Lab)

Effects of long-term caffeine use (McMaster Animal Behaviour Lab)

Diagnoses and treatment of sleep disorders (Limestone City Sleep Clinic)

Sleep and Brain Development (Queen’s University)

Dream coding and analysis (Trent University)

University Level Teaching:

Electrophysiological measures and techniques for studying and recording sleep

Actigraphy and Self-report measures for recording sleep

Sleep Stage Scoring

Neural mechanisms underlying sleep and wake

Evolution of Sleep

Sleep and Genetics

Sleep across the lifespan

Sleep in Newborns

Neural development of sleep infants and toddlers

Establishing healthy sleep in the first two years of life.

Cognitive effects of Sleep Deprivation

Clinical Sleep Disorders and Parasomnias

Dreams and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

Evolutionary Psychology and Emotional Attachment Theory

Sleep and Nutrition

Slow Parenting and the benefits of ‘slowing down’ on sleep

How lifestyle influences sleep quality

Tricks to settle a fussy newborn

Breastfeeding and good sleep (yes it's possible!)

Safe Sleep

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