Let's further explain how you can attend our Alive Learning courses: In-Person vs Live-Online

Hello all, Leanne here with Alive Learning. We are a professional development company that is organizing continuing education courses for the Registered Dental Hygienist.

I wanted to write this blog post to further explain who we are and what we offer, more specifically discussing the difference between the different ways you can attend our courses, In-Person or Live-Online.

I created this company because I wanted to be able to offer more accessible education, specifically to Registered Dental Hygienists, in the London and surrounding rural areas. I wanted to be able to provide this service to my fellow RDH's so that they could more easily maintain their professional portfolio without having to travel far distances.

With that said, I understand that education is evolving and with people's busy schedules it affirmed that the need for an online option was necessary, which is where the Live-Online component comes from.

With the In-Person option you attend our courses on-site/on-location. Currently we have space rented at Fanshawe College, which has great facilities with white boards and free parking! Our courses are catered therefore enjoy the free food and refreshments, depending on whether you've booked a full-day (continental breakfast, catered lunch, refreshments and snacks) or half-day (AM-continental breakfast, refreshments and snacks) (PM-refreshments and snacks). BONUS: Receive access to a live recording of the event for 3 days following, in order to review and make any additional notes

Now for the Live-Online option. We wanted to offer this because most options out there are either on-site or pre-recorded webinars. We wanted to give people the opportunity to still attend the live course but instead of being committed to being on-site you can now access it from the convenience of your phone, computer or tablet AND you pick the location, fun right!

Once you have purchased your course you will be invited to register with our hosting company. When your registration is complete then you are set to go, an email will be sent to you the day before the course to remind you to log-in at the start of the course. You will be able to see the speaker, their powerpoint and you can download the handouts for the course. There is also an area where you can enter any questions you have, which will be answered during the Q&A period. BONUS: Receive access to a live recording of the event for 3 days following, in order to review and make any additional notes

Here's an EXTRA BONUS: Can't attend the course In-Person or Live-Online but are interested in taking the course? Then your're in luck! We have a solution for that. Purchase the Live-Online and then view the course afterwards through the live recording of the course. Email us to let us know and we'll send you the handouts.

We want to make your experience has enjoyable and customized as possible.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback or course requests.

Take care and happy long weekend,

From the Alive Learning team

aka Leanne ;)

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